California's death penalty system is a complete failure.

Let’s make history in 2016 by replacing it with justice that actually works.

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California is facing a serious problem.

For more than a generation the state has mismanaged its death penalty system, to the point where it is now broken beyond repair. It has been a spectacular failure as a public policy. Since 1978, we have spent more than $5 billion to sentence more than 1000 people to death, while the state has only executed 13 of them and not one in the last 10 years. In the last 4 decades, 93 have died of suicide or natural causes, and most of those remaining will do the same before their cases are resolved. There is no point to propping up a failed system that is so expensive and unnecessary.

Death sentences since 1978


Average years per case

Million dollars each year

The Justice That Works Act of 2016 fixes this problem.

It allows the state to punish serious offenders with a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole or early release, and requires serious offenders to work and forward their pay to victims’ families. It eliminates any risk of executing an innocent person and still keeps people who commit the worst crimes out of society for good. It also helps victims by eliminating the endless legal process that currently puts them in court year after year with the people who’ve hurt them. Overall, this will save taxpayers more than $1 billion in the next 7 years while keeping the public safe.

Guilty prisoners released


Chance that an innocent person is executed

Billion dollars saved in the next 7 years

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Repealing the death penalty saves CA taxpayers $150 million dollars each year



It allows the state to keep the worst offenders out of society for good


It helps victims, makes offenders work, and prevents executing the innocent
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